Philosophy of the Listserv

The Listserv encourages freedom of expression, the free flow of ideas and comments on professional matters as long as they are in keeping with Rules of Participation below. Opinions expressed here are the opinions of the member expressing them only, and ought not be taken as being endorsed by the Steering Committee or any other individual or group.

The Listserv is a voluntary service to its members. Registration is voluntary and the content of the emails sent by members is not monitored. Members who feel that the content is offensive to their beliefs have the option to ask for a removal from the Listserv.

Goal of the Listserv

The Immigration Consultants’ Listserv [IC List] is meant to be a communications forum, primarily for immigration consultants, to help them become better informed, more efficient practitioners, as well as to advance the status of the profession generally.

It is operated by a volunteer Steering Committee of consultants who make the administrative decisions necessary. It is not affiliated with any organization. Current volunteers on the Steering Committee are: Camilla Jones, David LeBlanc, and Katarina Onuschak.

Founding members were Lynn Gaudet, Camilla Jones, David LeBlanc and Peter Veress. Administrator of the listserv is Katarina Onuschak.


  1. New subscriptions are accepted if accompanied by recommendation of two existing Listserv subscribers and filled and signed registration form.
  2. As of January 15, 2010, there is a subscription fee for the service of 1.00 per week, payable annually. Members whose subscription was approved after January 15, have two weeks of free access to the Listserv to allow them to decide whether they are interested in continuing the subscription. If they indicate their interest, they will be billed the amount equal the number of weeks remaining in the calendar year.
  3. Membership on the Listserv is open to ICCRC members and other “authorized representatives” as defined in IRPA, as well as retired practitioners. Other advocates of an independent immigration consulting profession who wish to participate in the Listserv may apply to the Steering Committee for membership. Their request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Members may be suspended or deleted from membership if the Steering Committee finds a member to be in violation of the rules of participation.

Rules of Participation

  1. Members are expected to communicate in a respectful, courteous manner, consistent with professional relations with their colleagues and others as per the ICCRC Code of Ethics. Libelous or insulting comments about any individual or agency involved in our industry are not acceptable, nor are personal remarks or opinions directed at specific individuals designed to embarrass them professionally.
  2. Members must use caution to not violate client confidentiality by disclosing client names or other identifying information concerning their clients.
  3. The Listserv is not private communication, and should not be viewed as such, as the messages are sent broadly to members, and possibly forwarded more broadly from there. The Steering Committee has no means to restrict this, nor interest in doing so. Therefore, members should assume they are posting messages for public consumption and govern themselves accordingly. As a matter of professional courtesy, any member who wishes to forward a posting placed by another member must contact that member first and obtain their permission.
  4. The Listserv is intended for information on immigration law and practice, and professional issues, of broad interest to all members. Small groups interested in in-depth discussions on a topic, or strategizing to deal with particular problems within the industry, should form a separate email list among themselves apart from the Listserv for that purpose. The Listserv encourages such proactive involvement by members who may link up on the Listserv and continue elsewhere.
  5. The Listserv is an adjunct to one’s own knowledge and research and is not to be used as the primary tool to familiarize oneself with whole areas of immigration law, or to direct areas of one’s practice.
  6. This tool is a bountiful and free resource for consultants. In exchange, members are expected to share information and experience for the benefit of the group, and spend time in educating their colleagues when appropriate. In addition, the Steering Committee may ask members to take responsibilities for the Listserv from time to time.
  7. Members should use reasonable care to give correct information or facts when communicating on the Listserv, insofar as others may be relying on their information. Any incorrect information given should be corrected when it comes to light.
  8. No information given through this listserv should be considered legal advice and participants are encouraged to verify every information before acting upon it.


The information and views expressed on the Listserv are solely those of the member expressing them, and do not represent the policies or views of anyone else. The Steering Committee cannot vouch for the accuracy of information or wisdom of advice given on the Listserv. Members are cautioned that they alone are responsible to their clients for professional advice given to them.

How to join

If you are interested in joining the listserv, you may fill out the sign up form after you have read and agreed to the above terms of use. You will receive the required registration form by email.

Registration form

Comments anyone?

The Steering Committee wishes to make the best possible tool available to consultants, so please let us know if you have any suggestions. You can email us at Steering.Committee.

Please note that by clicking on the link, you will be transferred to another website ( where you will be asked to fill out a short contact form. This is a measure to prevent spam e-mail.

Also, we hope to see the Listserv eventually find a permanent home within an organization which has a mandate for professional development of immigration consultants. Until then, the Steering Committee will operate it, just because we believe it is an essential requirement of a modern profession and we believe the public is better served when consultants are up-to-date and competent. Cheers!

Unsubscribing from the IC List

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